Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Globe Wernicke Walnut Barristers

Several sizes available apparently...

Each Cabinet Measures:
- 33.0" Wide
- 12.75"/14.75"/16.75" Tall (there are three different sizes of cabinets to choose from)
- 13.0" Deep

3 Stack - $375
4 Stack - $475
5 Stack - $575

$150 - Steel Tanker Desk

Brown doesn't seem to be quite as popular as gray, but it's a great price!

$55 - Pair Tabouret Bar Stools

We've all seen these before...great look, if you don't mind the backless bar stool. Incredible price too - not sure if the price is each or for the pair...either way is a good deal.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

$200 - Globe Wernicke Barrister

After all of our time together, I hope I don't have to point out to you what an excellent deal this is (for the most sought after of barrister names...)! Looks like someone may have painted it at one time? Who cares...that just means you either refinish it, or you get to feel less guilty about painting it the color you really want.

$300 - Vintage Tool Parts Chest

The more drawers, the better...!

$80 - Mid Century Desk

Great price for a small, simple desk...I could see it in used in a hall or foyer where you might need a little surface space (but where you might not necessarily sit at it all that often, those MCM desk are so small!).

$850 - Pair Vintage Bertoia Chairs