Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

$495 - Best Bar I've Ever Seen

Sweet Baby Jesus, this is amazing. I've always dreamed about sharing social cocktails around a giant Orange...


$400 - MCM Floating Top Desk

Let's forget about my love for Floating Top Desks. This is a great price.


Mass Posting - Industrial/MCM

This seller has been up for awhile, a few of my favorite things are still available.

Tall White Metal Locker - $75
LG Metal swivel office Chair #2 - $80Goodform
SM Metal swivel office Chair #3 - $80 Goodform
French Industrial Prouve Black Metal Desk Lamp- $40
Vintage Industrial Edwards School Black Metal Wall Bell - $60
Picasso Litho W: 11¼ x H: 14¼ in. - $80
Danish Teak Globe Table Light W: 9¼ x H: 9¼ in. - $90 

$75 - Mid Century Easy Chair

Looks like it might be missing the back cushion...?


$250 - Groovy Home Speakers

These are way above my pay-grade. I wouldn't even know where to start...but, amazing right?!


$340 - Folke Ohlsson Easy Chair

They dropped the price on this one...I even love the cushions it comes with, though the picture makes it hard to tell what kind of shape they're in.


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

$50 - Green Velvet/Faux Bamboo Chair

I kinda want it...


$40 - Victorian Marble Top Pedestal Table

As the seller states, they've already done all of the really hard refinishing work on this table - and for only $40?! I challenge to find another deal like that...!

I think the ornate details could lend themselves to several styles, from bohemian to shabby-chic to Regency. Looking at the images, the marble seems to be in great shape.


$35 - Burnished steel Coat Rack

This seller has several items, but the coat was the only thing that caught my eye - great industrial look.


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

$65 - Antique Office Chair

I really like this - I can't quite place it though. It's a mixture of industrial drafting chair, banker's office chair, and a Thonet bentwood chair. It's working for me...


$75 - MCM Walnut Dresser

The images show what looks to be some significant damage to the top...refinishing veneer (I'm guessing the top is veneered) can be anywhere from tricky to damn near impossible so use your judgement. Either way, this dresser has a great look - and, for a mere $75, I wouldn't be sad to just throw an interesting runner over the top to hide the damage.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

$120 - MCM Lounger

Ohhhh, yes. I would put this in my bedroom in front our double doors looking out on the backyard. I'd read and nap in it, and would yell to the front of the house for G to bring me snacks. 

...that might have something to do with why he just told me that "we don't have room." Yeah, right.

$60 - Pair MCM-ish Chairs

Can't beat the price.


$185 - Marble-top Side Table

I'm gonna go ahead and suggest that you not put this in a home with small children (or drunk adults...)- you'll poke your eye out kid.


$350 - MCM Sofa

WOW. Just, wow. I need this.

100" L x 33" W x 25" H. (Front of arms are 24" igh, seats are 15" high)


$225 - Retro Patio Set

These look like a Papa Bear, Mama Bear, Baby Bear setup...love it.


Friday, May 11, 2012

Phenomenal Finds Friday!


Check out my weekly post over at Prince of Petworth. Usually posts around lunch time-ish...

Have a great weekend!

Pic via someecards.com...perfect for every occasion.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

$25 - New Yorker Cartoon Small Plates

For the culturally aware...


$4000 - Restoration Hardware Easton Leather Sofa

Ok, I know that $4000 is not exactly a Craigslist price, and anyone searching CL for a couch is probably not willing to pay $4000 for it...

BUT. This couch retails for $5300 at RH and the seller claims that it is in mint condition. CL sofas are a tricky thing, but it's leather for goodness sake...use your judgement.

108" long, 44" deep


$45 - Ornate Side Chair

I don't exactly know why, but this is doin' somethin' for me...could be an awesome piece to ad to any eclectic collection. I'm imagining that seat reupholstered in some uber contemporary color...?


$20 - Atomic Dinette Chairs

These need some major TLC...but, sweet Baby Jesus, think of the potential!


$380 (obo) - Folke Ohlsson Chair

Gorgeous...and quite out of my price range;)


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

$275 - Set of 6 Modern Dining Chairs

These have a nice look to them. The seats have been redone, but not sure how comfortable they are (judging by the very straight back)...


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Still Listed - Vintage Gas Station Lights

Totally rewired and ready to go!


Still Listed - Mid Century Chairs

These have been available for some time - both are a great deal, in my opinion.

$30 - Mid Century Child's Chair

$60 - Arthur Umanoff Side Chair

$250 (obo) - Adrian Pearsall Couch

The cushions look a little worse for wear - but, from what I can through a little research, the couch (even with the cost of reupholstering) is worth a lot more than $250...


$250 - MCM Cabinet/Credenza

This is a great price!!!

top cabinet measures 29.5" tall x 59" wide x 14" deep and the bottom cabinet measures 31" tall x 59" wide x 19.5" deep. The total height is 61" tall.


Friday, May 4, 2012

Phenomenal Finds Friday!


Check out my weekly post, Phenomenal Finds, over at Prince of Petworth for today's Listed District finds - usually posted after lunch.

Pic via someecards.com - perfect for every occasion.