Monday, March 18, 2013

$100 - Antique Dresser with Mirror

Not my particular style, but looks like a really incredible piece. This is a great deal, no matter what.

$125 - MCM Side Chair

Ever so slightly Batman-ish...but I dig it.

$295 - Andreas Tuck Coffee Table

YES YES YES. great deal.

$125 - Cream Gunlocke Desk Chair

These really are some of my favorite chairs out there - they're a nice mix of mid century lines with a more masculine weight.

$29 - Tall Orange Glass + Teak Lamp

$25 - Retro Slag Pendants

Surely this could be cool...just needs a little imagination.

$200 - MCM Basset Dresser

The seller says that this has been restored using 'green' products - the silver accents are their doing (courtesy of silver paint). I think they did a nice job.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

$350 - MCM Gray Tweed Lounger

I really like this...upholstery looks to be in OK shape. But you never know.

$340 - Art Nouveau Rocker

Not completely my style, but this is definitely a look worth having, in the right home. And, I actually like the idea have of having a very few traditional pieces in a modern setting...and "quarter sawn" = a really nice, detailed grain.

$25 - Wall Hanging File Holder

This might benefit from an updated color.

$15 - MCM Pendant

May or may not be made of popsicle sticks...

$100 - Wood + Brass Lamp

Love the lines here.

Side Note - Who wants a kitten?

SIDE NOTE: I am an official foster parent for WARL (Washington Animal Rescue League). Happily, I recently brought home "Pop" - the sweetest most precious little kitten ever (he was stressing out in the shelter and needed more one on one attention). I would LOVE to keep him myself, but apprently being a foster parent means that you shouldn't actually keep every single animal that you bring home...! So here's a little bit about him:

"Pop" is about 3 months old, male, black (with some faint stripes underneath like a leopard, that look like they might subtely stay!). He is almost dog-like: follows you around everywhere and loves to just hang nearby, and is so playful but not aggressive at all. He is very affectionate and purrs like a little motorboat. He doesn't meow very much...I think he's not very good at it. And, he is a litterbox pro! Also, he gets along just fine with my large dog (Samson!), so don't rule him out if you already have a pup too. He really is a very special guy.

Pop will be available for adoption VERY soon through WARL. If you're interested, you can contact them, or me directly ( to come by and meet him. Pop needs a home...spread the word!

Thanks, Scoutmob!

ListedDistrict got a super sweet shout out on Scoutmob (which I actually love and use regularly)!!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

$110 - Shell Chair Going For a Record

Sweet baby Jesus - this chair has been posted and reposted for MONTHS on end. I can't remember what it was priced at before, so not sure if the price has been reduced at all.

Is $110 still too high? I say yes...I'd pay $50, maybe.

$200 - Metal/Vinyl Loveseat

I really like this I the only one? It's not fancy or Danish or MCM, it's mostly what you'd see at the DMV, or the IRS office...but still.

Guest Blogger - Jeanne!

Welcome to ListedDistrict's newest contributor, Jeanne! Jeanne lives in Columbia Heights - Her most visited sites are Craigslist, the New York Times, Gilt, and Netflix, according to her browser. She has a knack for finding amazing items with promise - all under $100! She'll share these, along with some tips on how to spruce them up, regularly...thanks Jeanne!

Jeanne's Under $100 Finds:

Off-white mirror - $65.  I love the carved sides and cut-outs.  No refurbishing necessary. 

Honey Oak Bakers Rack - $80.  Not sold on this as is, but I think it has potential -- it's hard to pass up on a baker's rack, and it looks like it's in good shape.  Based on my personal cosmetic preferences, I'd paint the iron black and stain the wood an ashy, darker brown, or repaint it with a distressed french gray.  Maybe chalk paint.  And I'd replace the knobs with colorful, ceramic ones or dark handles/pulls. 

Unnecessary but novel (and still under $100)

Vintage accordion for repair or display - $29.  I don't play or 

Tabletop Wine Opener - $50.  

Friday, March 1, 2013

$300 - Heaviest Desk Base Ever

If you were my friend and you asked me to help you move this...I would say no. I wouldn't even apologize or lie about having plans. I would just say NO.

$65 - Industrial Steel Stool

$550 - Vintage Toledo Scale

I'm not totally sure what I would do with this bad boy...but does that really matter?

$60 - Industrial Typewriter Cart

Bar cart?

$45 - Vintage Banker's Chair (on casters)

$125 - Industrial Carts

Very cool...just needs a little cleanup maybe.

$200 - Sling Chair

Can't decide about this one...