Friday, August 2, 2013

$220 - MCM Hall/Sofa Table

I think they've restored it - looks like it's in perfect shape. Love.

$95 - Formica Dining Table + Leaf

Surely something can be done here. The legs are super cool.

$225 - Marble Top Side Table

LOVE this, but I consider it priced for retail...I'm not saying it's not worth it - I'm just SAYIN'. After all, the seller does day that it will "bring shades of Paris to your everyday life." Well then.

Measures 36" diam. x 20.5" h.

$125 - Old Ass Check Maker

Lord help me - I'm such a massive slacker.

I'm back. With a check making machine....but, but, it's "half-a-century old"!!!