Thursday, February 21, 2013

Get Your Trade On!!

Behold...the most amazing smörgåsbord of Craigslist offerings EVER compiled into one ad!

The poster has available for TRADE the following items:

-3ft high Shark Butler's table (!!!! 3 ft high !!!!)
-A BowFlex
-A large Moon Bounce ("not the cheap kind")
-A 1955 Buick Super 2 door
-A Traditions 50cal in-line muzzle load hunting rifle with a Simmons 9x32 scope. In great condition. 
-A Jaguar elite 175lb draw camo crossbow with a red dot sight, quiver, string assist. Very powerful. In awesome condition. Best shooting crossbow I have ever used.
-A 1993 Michael Jordan Starting line-up figure...unopened.
-25 pocket knives...still in boxes.
-Hammock and frame. ("Just purchased...but it doesn't fit the wife's requirements.") 
-2 very large, very heavy industrial, thick gauge solid metal carts. 


$799 - "Stunning" Patchwork + Bourbon Barrels Sofa

You just can't make this stuff up...

"Comes with original catalog with pricing handwritten. made in the 60's-70's by Schubert Manufacturing Co in Akron Ohio. "Famous Bourbon Barrel Originals. "
Condition is excellent used vintage. no rips or tears to the wonderful colorful patchwork. it is heavy gauge naugahyde vinyl. Solid White oak furniture, handcrafted from authentic Bourbon Barrels. Quality made from white oak barrels which have actually been used for aging fine bourbon. the art of making these barrels dates back to ancient Rome. but in America today, every barrel used for bourbon must be brand new and only used once. Each barrel is made from heavy shite oak, and the charred interior - which gives bourbon its taste and color - is left intact to impart a pleasant scent to the finished product."

$50 - Wassily Chair? (needs love)

This is an EASY project for the right person!

Or, here's a black one that claims to be authentic and in good shape.