Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Guest Blogger Dawn - Shabby Chic!

I've done it! I've bamboozled another fabulous friend into posting their finds on Listed District! Please welcome Dawn - she'll be sharing some of her best shabby-chic, primitive, and Victorian Craigslist finds with us.

Hi Everyone! My name is Dawn Crothers Cimino--I am the owner of Something Vintage Rentals, an antique china and decor boutique in DC. Ellen was kind enough to ask me to guest post here from time to time because I am always trolling Craigslist and other random places for vintage finds for my inventory.  My posts on Listed District will focus on shabby chic, primitive, and Victorian finds.  I'm a big fan of the mixing these in with MCM and Industrial pieces for an eclectic look.  Stay tuned for more treasures!

Vintage Suitcase Luggage Set - $75 (Fairfax Station) So many uses for these, stack several to make an end table or just one on top of an end table to make it a bit more interesting.

Beachy Shabby Chest of Drawers - $220 (Sterling)

Old wooden milk crate - $60 (Nokesville/Manassas) Sooo many uses for this! I love the old metal corners.

Antique buffet - $350 (NOVA) This is gorgeous and would look great in any house. You could even use it near a front/back door to store keys, gloves, and dare I say shoes?

$50 - Pair Sunny Yellow Glass Lamps

So cheerful I can barely stand it...


$60 - Pair Gold Mod Sconces

yes yes yes. Let me count the ways.


Monday, September 17, 2012

$45 - Mismatched Vintage Place Settings

I saw this ad on CL and it reminded me that I've never plugged my good friend Dawn's amazing business! 

She's the exquisitely classy brains behind Something Vintage Rentals, which specializes in mismatched antique china rentals for weddings, showers, etc. - beautiful antique plates, tea cups, as well as lace linens and vintage furniture. Looks like she's selling a few settings - check it out!

$200 - Vintage Rocker Death Horse

I had a Wonder Horse pretty much identical to this one when I was a toddler (his name was "Thunder" and he's still in my parents' attic) - I'd post the old picture of me on it, but I'm naked except for sunglasses and I'm pretty sure that kind of imagery is illegal...

But seriously, a child (or adult) could probably be horribly injured in dozens of ways while riding this thing - I SAY GO FOR IT! I lived through it and, besides, kids are too wimpy these days - right?


$20 - Boomerang Patterned Laminate Dinette





$950 - Restoration Hardware Flatiron Dining Table

This is the largest size that the table comes in (112" L x 39" W x 30"H). Brand new, this size is $1095 (they recently lowered the price online)...so you REALLY aren't saving very much money here...like, none practically...but still.


$100 - Lane Dovetail Coffee Table

The price is NICE. see what I did there? I'm rhyming.


$60 - Green Globe Lamp

I think these funky 60s lamps are way underrated...


$170 - Pair Red Eames Shell Chairs

I think the price may be PER chair...?


Monday, September 10, 2012

Guest Blogger Christine: Electronics Watch!

Tired of just furniture? Lucky for you, I've somehow managed to convince my good friend Christine to periodically contribute her amazing CL finds to Listed District. Enjoy!

Hi! I'm Christine, a designer based in D.C., usually found over at The Exhibit Designer. Ellen asked me to stop by occasionally for the Craigslist Electronics Watch. Like her, my tastes lean to the vintage and inexpensive, and that's what I'll offer up. Am I an expert? No. But I can point you in A direction. And remember: caveat emptor. Today, let's put together a classy-looking stereo set-up on the cheap. Something that sounds better than your laptop.

Straight outta the 1970s, here are a few solid options for budget radio receivers. I love the look of 70s-era receivers—that wood trim, yes. For just a few bills you can pick up a respectable vintage model, the centerpiece of your very own little audio setup (and start of your addiction).

The Pioneer SX-535 is a well-regarded budget model from 1974. Do a quick google for dozens of glowing reviews. An excellent option for $50.  

The price is right for this Sherwood S-7100A—another good budget option. I own the 7200 model from the same "Best Buy" line and it's pretty sweet.

Like both the Pioneer and the Sherwood, the Fisher 295 was built in Japan (though the Fisher and the Sherwood were designed in the U.S. so +1 on that regard). Unlike the other two, there seems to be a dearth of information about this receiver on the internet. From what I can deduce it was one of the last models made before the brand went south and it may or may not be solid. A possibility? Nice looks but with its aura of mystery I can't say if the price is reasonable or not.

Your choice of speakers really depends on your receiver. Check audio forums for advice on good pairings. Like cheeses and wines, some receiver/speaker combos complement each other, and some just don't. With that said, Craigslist left me wanting somewhat in the cheap vintage speaker market. A few options:

Assuming the woofers and tweeters are original, this is a great price for a pair of ADS L620s. I have a slightly older model from this line. Hm, Gaithersburg…? I might have to hop on these myself!

The Boston Acoustics A200s are very highly regarded; the "first no-holds-barred Boston Acoustics," circa late-70s, and beauts with that oak veneer. As a bonus they were built in the U.S., in Peabody, MA. I personally wouldn't pay $290 for these (because I'm cheap)—you may want to try talking the guy down.

Another solid vintage choice—Polks have their super fans. I'm a little unsure about what these really are, though; I'm pretty sure there's no "Monitor 10 Series III." They look like they could be the Monitor 10B, from the late-70s, or possibly the Monitor 10 Series 2 from 1990 (superficially they look the same); either way the price is a bit high—$100 seems to be going.

ghetto blaster
For when you're on the go, naturally.

Next time we'll go hunting for a turntable.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Pickin's are slim...

Not much floating around on CL today...

So instead, consider heading over to Trohv in Takoma. They're having an amazing sale starting Monday!