Tuesday, January 31, 2012

$175 - 1960s Stiffel Lamp

I just know that this is perfect for someone. Its got color, class, and size. A little research (as the seller has done) shows a pair of these lamps ranging from $2-3,000. I love the red shade used on this pair on 1st Dibs. The Stiffel Lamp Company opened in Chicago in 1932 and specialized in a unique foil signature from pewter, brass and bronze. The price is right for a little bit of drama...

Height to top of socket: 32"
Height to top of harp: 38.5"
Height to top of shade: 41"
Ceramic base height: 16"
Ceramic base widest diameter: 7"
Brass Base: 7.5" diameter
Shade: 18" high x 17" bottom diameter x 15.5" top diameter


$1300 - Finn Juhl Lounge Chair

This Model 133 teak chair designed by Danish icon Finn Juhl would be a splurge for anyone...I couldn't help but post it. If you're looking to build a quintessential mid century collection, this is an excellent place to start. Prices on the interwebs are fairly varied, so I can't get a pulse on whether or not this price is about right - Architonic values it at $500 while eBay touts a single chair for $995 and a pair for a whopping $4,800. I'm sure the chair is in exellent shape if, as the ad claims, it has truly had only one owner since its purchase in 1957.

After Juhl's death, his commonlaw wife left their home untouched and it was eventually turned into a museum. Check out these pics from The Mid-Century Modernist. Architonic has a great selection of Juhl's prolific work as well. If I actually owned this, I wonder if I'd have a hard time letting anyone actually sit in it....


Monday, January 30, 2012

$29 - Industrial Metal Desktop Toolbox

This super cool industrial toolbox is rendered even more highly super cool by its el cheapo price tag! You could use this for anything from pens or paintbrushes, to spices or picture hanging supplies. Great way to add some industrial character to some much needed storage area (in other words, please don't go to the Container Store and buy a crappy chunk of plastic...). 8 1/4" deep, 5 3/4" across, 6 1/4" tall.


Off the List - Flea Market Field Trip

I spent Saturday afternoon with my lovely friend and neighbor Lena and we stopped at a great flea market located at Florida and 14th. This place is amazing and is chalk full of rare finds, colorful characters, and great food (ok, I haven't tasted it but smells inticing...) all packed into a lot that used to house a fine establishment by the name of Latino Auto Sales. It was an empty lot for far too long, and I'm glad to see it get some use!

Marty, whose business card touts "Antiques, Collectibles and Curious Items from Other Eras and Neat Old Stuff," had this 1950s RCA Listening chair. It was in immaculate shape and he informs me that it can be yours for a cool $300...I found this pair on ebay. Marty says you can find him all over, but be sure to visit him at the Gaithersburg Antique & Collectible Show - February 11-12 at the Montgomery Couty Fairgrounds. He was interesting and knowlegdeable about all of his offerings.

And what self-respecting collector/hipster/design snob doesn't love metal type...? There was a dealer who had 3 tables overflowing with the stuff. I wanted it all.

I also met Leonard (Leonard, if you're reading this and I got your name wrong...I'm so sorry! Please correct me!). He had some really unique finds and I personally scored a set of 1950s National Parks felt pennants. He also had a collection of Fire King bowls, vintage glasses, and a super sweet 1950s hand ice crusher.

Be sure to check these guys out, every Saturday at Florida & 14th. While I love Craigslist, it sometimes doesn't hold a candle to getting out in the world on a sunny weekend (with a dear friend as company!), and finding something amazing along the way;)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

1985 Ross Signature

This 1985 Ross Signature designed by legend American frame builder Tom Kellogg is a solid, understated bicycle. Ross, mostly, known for making a plethora of crappy bicycles throughout 1980's, also made some high quality models. This one made in Allentown, Pennsylvania looks like one of them. It is also built up with a mid-range campy component set that is no longer in production. Priced well at $352, it's a good deal, and would made a good touring bike or a nice commuter.

Tooled-Leather Tripod Stool

This super sweet tooled-leather stool reminds me of an incredible chair I recently saw in Good Wood, (similar to this one on ebay, but, of course Good wood is better...). I'm not crazy about the legs on this stool, but it's still got a lot of character. Now, if only the ad would actually enlighten us as to its price...


Roundup - Drafting Tables!

Table #1.
Table #2.

Table #3.
Table #4.

Drafting tables as a professional tool aren't as common as they once were - design firms have less room for this size furniture, and the computerization of the industry have rendered these bohemoths less practical. But the pure of heart, hands on designers out there still covet the large drawing surface and, more and more, drafting tables are becoming a nostalgic luxury.

Several drool-worthy options on Craigslist right now - let's discuss with Greg as our resident expert...

Table #1: At $200 this table would great for someone suffering from both budgetary woes and significant space constraints...it folds for storage and probably oscillates as you adjust the angle of the drawing surface. Looks like it might need just a little love.

Table#2: This metal Mayline table is priced at pretty much retail...so, too much. This is the table that Greg owns. These tables are great though - light weight and easy to move, it disassembles, and has a great industrial quality. But at this price, even with the included straight edge and board cover, you could practically buy brand new...shop around a bit.

Table #3: is gorgeous. The ad touts this as being circa 1920s or earlier. Mission hardware dating it as old as 1880's. Sold by Historical Society in 1986 and owned by Colonel Simpson (WWII) at his home Bachelors Hope, a colonial estate built in 1699 in Southern Maryland. Original condition, never refinished and in working order. Kueffel & Esser Co. Size- 6 feet wide and almost 7 feet tall when fully titled. Solid Oak legs and frame with maple or chestnut top. At $9,000 this is a major investment. But it's incredibly unique and the giant drawing surface is second to none - all you need is a lot of space to accomodate. Refinish this piece and you've something worth it's weight. I want this one.

Table #4: Greg, who had almost this exact table as a kid, says this one is an excellent starter desk for a budding architect or artist. It's not as sturdy and heavy as some of the others, making it a great craft table. Worth the $$!

Friday, January 27, 2012

$280 (obo) - Massanutten Caverns Sign

Original metal entrance sign to Massanutten Caverns! This is a great piece of Shenandoah Valley history, especially if you're a Virginia native!

At 9' 8" long and 3' 6" high, this sucker is BIG. The Massanutten Caverns in Keezletown, VA were discovered in 1892. A lodge was built and the caverns became very popular with Valley visitors in the early 20th century, but the caverns were closed to public access in the 1980's. I think I want to go there and stay at The Old Massanutten Lodge...looks pretty old school...

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Are you there God? It's me, your Boo...

Ok. Regardless of religous affiliation (or lack thereof), I think that we can all agree on one thing: this bust of Jesus is positively stunning. Like all Middle Eastern men of his day, he has piercing blue eyes and pearlescent skin, and for a mere $100 (wtf?), you can have this gem bless your home. There are no dimensions provided in the ad, but I really hope that it turns out to be at least 2 feet tall....kind of like a Tiki Jesus.

If we wanted to be serious about this (which we should try to do, since we're supposed to be learning something every once in a while...), I think we could spin this as a very successful example of vernacular art / outsider-art / self-taught art...all of which are extremely important components of American social/art history. Go ahead...look those big words up.

Side note: I think this is fairly creepy (and probably really f-ing heavy...?) and I would never put this anywhere near my home. Also, I have no idea what color Jesus's eyes were or were not...and I'm sure the "deceased artist" was a perfectly lovely person...

"You hit me with your electric wheelchair so I challenge you to a duel..."

A friend recently sent me a link to this DC Craigslist Rant/Rave, but by the time I got around to clicking on the link, the ad had been 'flagged for removal.' Luckily for us, Prince of Petworth got there first and has provided the rant on his blog. I personally loathe the Columbia Heights Giant, and have nearly had a seizure every one of the few times I've dared to enter.

One of my favorite parts:
"I do not care if I miss rent next month, or my cell phone gets cut off. I will use all the money I make to make this happen in order to make things right in this already sad world. The gauntlet has been thrown."

Also, "Ben" throws out a "F*CK yo couch" reference, which is of course awesome...look it up.

$30 - Mid Century Child's Chair

This wee little chrome Mid Century chair would look great even if you don't have a wee little human to sit in it...maybe it's a nice space filler for that awkward empty corner next to your desk or TV? I could see my gorgeous friend Kendra using it to hold her lovely succulent collection...get everything you need to start you own succulent collection from Etsy. And here are some other wee bitty Mid Century chairs featured by Dwell Magazine.

Photo of Kendra courtesy of Mathew Hluch, an amazingly talented photographer - check out his beautiful work!

Roundup - Bar Carts!

To me, nothing says 'Mid Century' quite like liquor storage. Several great options on craigslist today and, as usual, Apartment Therapy shows us just how to use them.


Wednesday, January 25, 2012

$325 - 1970s Coke Dispenser

What in the What What Ya'll?! I want this...I mean, I really want this. I don't even drink coke, but I want this. The ad says this Vintage 1970s Coke Machine is fully functional - invite me over for a cold one once this thing is moved in ('cause I don't lift stuff...).

Tweet, Twit, Twote

So, first I became a blogger...now I'm a tweeterer? Twitterer? I will tweet, I do twit, I have twote. ...I don't know.

Either way, follow @ListedDistrict on twitter for daily updates on the amazing stuff we find!!


Best Beloved:
I was wondering what to write about, so what I did was, I thought "what is something that if I had it, I would sell it on Craigslist?" and it hit me: stuffed animals. How else would you get rid of them, especially if you lived in Washington DC?

So I entered that and found out that wasn't what I meant. It took me to Beanie Babies.

So I tried "mounted animals" and that didn't even turn up any porn.

So I tried "taxidermy"and presto! A whole list of stuffed real animals! including (wait for it, wait for it) not one but TWO stuffed armadillos for sale in the District, AND a stuffed alligator! There was even two stuffed turkeys (not butterballs) and a pheasant. The pheasant caused me to have a philosophical discussion with myself because it is photoed on a blue carpet, as if flying thru the sky, but it's not, because it's dead, so it's laying on a blue carpet...you get the point, right?

OK so the deal with the armadillos is, one of them is listed for $200 and he really doesn't look all that real. Not that I've exactly made a lifelong study, but he looks inflated. Maybe he's over stuffed. But he does come on a nicely shaped plywood base. Also his mouth is hanging open, like he's got a dental issue.

Now the other one, for $50, which looks more life-like in my opinion, does not have a base. So I guess for an extra $150 bucks you get plywood.

As I was looking at the alligator I noticed that he is photoed in the same garage as the $200 armadillo. SOMEBODY has a thing for scaly animals.

ta for now kiddies,
Aunt Susan

and if you don't believe me......
taxidermy armadillo $200

taxidermy pheasant wall mount $30 - SOLD!

mounted turkey $575

Sorry, but the $50 armadillo is gone and no I didn't buy it.

1978 Raleigh Professional-$1200

At $1200 it is hard to consider this road bike a steal, but let's look at it anyway...78' Raleigh Professional made in England was Raleigh's top of line production road bicycle at the time. It was a tribute to Italian design of the era i.e. this bike is going to have beautiful lug work and geometry. Made with Reynolds 531 steel-still worthy. Full Campagnolo Record components and wheels-alone worth over the seller's price. This bike was loved, and I am sure, professionally maintained. At 59cm, you probably have to be over 6ft to ride this machine like it was meant to be ridden, and that is fast.


$40 - Gold Naugahyde Mid Century Stool

LOVE LOVE THIS! How could you not love something made of "Gold Naugahyde?!" This would be a great pop of color in your otherwise beige one bedroom condo overlooking Rock Creek Park...it's time you accept that too much beige is TOO MUCH BEIGE. The truth hurts.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

$15,000 - Your Very Own Art Deco Bar!

Yep, for only pennies (well, 1,500,000 pennies to be exact...) you can be the proud owner of your very own Art Deco Bar! The solid and veneers include, walnut, zebra wood, mahogany, sycamore, birch and others.

Sounds like this fully restored bar has all the bells and whistles...the potential of this gem reminds me so much of an amazing martini bar that Greg took me to during a recent trip to Denver. The Cruise Room at the Oxford Hotel is legendary as downtown Denver’s first bar to open the day after Prohibition was repealed in 1933. Boasting Art Deco décor, this bar is original in its entirety. The Cruise Room was fashioned after one of the lounges on the Queen Mary. Original chrome and neon reflect onto the wall panels depicting light-hearted "toasts" from around the world. Can you imagine having your very own Cruise Room?


$249 - Vintage 1930s Metal Apothecary Cabinet

This super sweet vintage metal medical cabinet would be awesome in your original, closet-starved, subway tiled bathroom to store towels and toiletries. At $249, it's not the very cheapest thing, but it's a steal with some big-time character, and is a lot cheaper than this beauty at Rehab Vintage.


$195 - Vintage 1950s Coca Cola Button Sign

Vintage Coca Cola signs like this one, better known as "buttons," are fairly common - what's uncommon about this 1950s one is its size. The 50" diameter makes this button, even with the amount of apparent wear (most people, like me, love the wear!), really worth the price being asked. The guys from one of my very favorite shows, American Pickers, just scored a 24" button of this same design for $175 (albeit in perfect condition)...you can do better than that right here and now, and you don't even have to venture to some condemned barn in the middle of nowhere (Greg and I would actually love to do that...)! Collectors love this stuff, and so will you - it would look great on the exposed brick of your aparment, or on a wall within your urban garden oasis.


Monday, January 23, 2012

Vintage Diamondback Chrome Cruiser

If you are like me and have a soft spot for cruiser bicycles (along with warmer weather), then check out this all-chrome vintage Diamondback! Bling, Bling.

Pair Gunlocke Chairs

Remember this post showcasing 4 vintage Gunlocke chairs? Here's another set of chairs available on CL...no price is given, but a pair would be nice in a sitting area or even on the opposite side of a large desk.


SH*T people in DC say.

My dear friends (and fellow Auburn Tigers) Stephen and Dorothy Powell are headed to DC next month - Stephen is so pumped to get to The District, that he's been studying up on local vernacular via YouTube. Hear anything familiar, DC residents? I'm guilty of throwing out the "best brunch" phrase one too many times...

$75 - Retro 1950s Kitchen Table

I know, I know...all 5-10 of you who occasionally follow this blog were wondering in desperation: "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" I've been in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, with this hot blonde. Back to business...

A very cool retro table - red formica top, curved chrome legs, and a scalloped wood apron. It also has a 12 - inch leaf to the table for expanded dining. The wood apron is very unusual and allows you to match the table with wooden chairs if you like. With the possibility of delivery (with a "small fee"), this table is a great deal for anyone's retro kitchen!

I'm such a sucker for hairpin legs on just about anything...check out this link for everything you'll need for some instant Atomic Age flare: www.hairpinlegs.com


Friday, January 20, 2012

$80 - 1988 Specialized Stumpjumper Comp

This Specialized Stumpjumper is worth checking out if you are looking for an awesome vintage mountain bike to do whatever. This double-butted Chromoly frame is classic, and the specs on it were tops in its day. It will make a sick commuter/touring bike. Or single speed mountain bike? If you stand around 6 feet...for $80...you can't beat it.

Is that a Guest Blogger? Or are you just happy to see me?

This just in! I've just successfully recruited my first guest bloggers!

Writing all the way from our Sweet Home Alabama Bureau, my dear Aunt Susan will chronicle all things weird and random found on Craigslist (and beyond!). She's got a creepy talent for finding creepy stuff, so stay tuned for her posts. The below picture of her just about says it all...

Also tricked into helping my blog generate something other than Mid Century furniture finds is...wait for it...Guest Blogger KEVIN! Kevin is a dedicated bike commuter who knows everything that we all wish we knew about what to look for in a good CL bike purchase. Look for his posts featuring awesome bike options worth your time and $$. The below picture of him only begins to describe how cool he is...

Thursday, January 19, 2012

$125 - Danish Mid Century Rocker Frame

POW POW! This is a gorgeous frame that, from the looks of it, just needs a little love! The ad speculates that it's either walnut or teak - both of which clean up to a beautiful color. No telling what the joints are like, and you'll need to do a little cushion creation, but it's cheaper and has a million times more personality than this CB2 version.


Wednesday, January 18, 2012

$70 - Rustic Mid Century Pendant

I love the look of this unique pendant - and I'm thinking that it looks even better with a little light pushing through. Though I might consider ditching that chain - perhaps it could hang just from the light cable (which you can purchase at any length), or even a metal rod.


$35 - Glass Insulators

A house is not a home if it doesn't reflect the life, loves, and personalities of those living in it. A home should be filled with things that tell the story of YOU - big or small, collections can be something that remind us of where we've been. My collection of McDonalds toys recently resurfaced from my Mother's attic - they remind me of bath time as a kid, and I'm not sure I'm quite ready (much to my Mother's chagrin) to give up the complete set of California Raisins and Berenstain Bears...

So as an adult (I think that's the first time I've ever called myself that...), I've started collections that are a bit more, well, adult. Greg and I have developed a love of glass insulators...they come in all shapes and sizes, each with a wonderful story that I can only begin to guess at. We find them in junk shops, estate sales, the side of the road, and even his old apartment's trash room. It's fun to find them together, building a memory with each one. Here's our budding collection displayed along the top of our built-in:

A quick search on Craigslist finds a beginner's collection for only $35. These would add some color and life to any window or shelf. What do you collect? When did you start your collection?

Roundup - Church Pews!

This post is inspired by my sweet neighbor Lena. She and her husband are really just starting to decorate their amazing home and using an old church pew or bench, rather than several chairs, along one side of their dining table is an idea she recently mentioned. With a large extended family that she entertains often, lots of seating is a must for Lena. Also, her dining area is somewhat hard to distinguish - so she's thinking that something bold and stationary would help anchor the area. I've seen the 'bench-as-kitchen-seating' phenomenon a lot lately, and even wish I could pull it off myself - I think this is an amazing way to add some weight, not to mention personality to your home. And they're not just for the kitchen - check out these ideas from Apartment Therapy.

CL's church pew offerings are pretty stellar right now...


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

$179 - Deco Chandelier

Sometimes you need a little creative vision. I love this chandelier, though the condition is not very clear in the picture. $179 for this, though I think that's perhaps quite a bit high, is much cheaper than this $600 beauty from Rejuvination (this store is one of my great obsessions...). I'd use this piece in the entryway of my fabulous Deco apartment at the Kennedy-Warren on Connecticut.


$125 - DIY Mid Century Table or Chair?

Here's an excellent, though not completely cheap, DIY opportunity for some brave soul. The ad is claiming that perhaps this is the base to an Eames Molded Chair...but comparing the two shapes, I think NOT (though it does look similar to this Eames Wire Base Table...). But with that said, I can imagine a ton of uses for this very cool base. Local salvage warehouses, like Community Forklift in Edmonston, MD, usually have a great selection of marble remnants on hand - find the right shape and you've got a great side table. Find a piece of slate, and maybe you've got something unique like this table on my beloved Modern 50. Some reclaimed, well loved wood would also do the trick. Plywood with a piece of mirror glued to the top? Chalkboard table? I could do this all day, but...

Hopefully you get the picture, the possibilities are endless. And if I were you, I'd try to talk the price WAY down - Eames is Eames and I don't think this is Eames...


Monday, January 16, 2012

$125 - 23 Vintage Cameras

Not much to say about this - other than CAMERAS ARE RAD. Realize your true hipster potential with this extensive collection of everything you'll need to compete with that pesky iPhone app (which I love SO much)...

Konica C35, Holga 135, Kodak Retina II, Kodak Jiffy, Kodak instamatic 500, kodak pony 828, 2 kodak instamatic x30, Magimatic Magicube x50, Delta 127, Kodak Brownie Hawkeye, Green Polaroid, Nikon AF35, Spectra super II, Capital MX II, Continental electroflash 555-s, and 10 other Olympus, Fuji, Minolta, and more 35mm's.


$4000 - Splurge!

Craigslist isn't always for the Über budget wise. Sometimes, more often than you might think actually, a big ticket item pops up. This vintage Knoll sofa has been hanging around CL for quite sometime, and I'm curious as to where it will end up. Knoll has been a game changer in everything from graphic design, textiles, color theory, office systems, files and storage, casegoods, and OF COURSE furniture for over 70 years - and they are as relevant as ever!

$4000 isn't exactly chump change, so whoever ends up with this jewel probably truely appreciates it's iconographic status - oh, and they probably have a space (and a truck) big enough for all 10ft of it...

Looks like this guy is also on ebay - I think the pictures are a little more detailed hereNew Knoll sofas will cost way upwards of $10,000...but haven't we already established that vintage is better? Vintage is new again?

Moral of the story: this couch looks to be in perfect shape, and is a truly vintage giant of its era...someday I will own a couch like this and place it lovingly in my Julius Shulman photographed home, while wearing a smokin' hot Mad Men dress and casually sipping cocktails...

Sunday, January 15, 2012

$300 - Pair GoodForm Arm Chairs

Ok people - let's talk GoodForm and it's cousin Emeco. If you don't know who, what, when, where, and WHY Emeco is...then you've got some epic catching up to do. Emeco Navy Chairs are the end-all be-all in many people's eyes - and I have to say that I'm right there with them. There is almost no location, at home or at work, for which an Emeco chair does not fit perfectly. Check out this video for a little look into this icon's stunning history...legend has is it that the classic Navy Chair was molded after Betty Grable's famous behind! The GoodForm line of chairs, made by the General Fireproofing Company, are right up there with Emeco for many collectors - it can often be difficult to distinguish between the two if you don't know the specifics and/or no identification remains on the chair.

GoodForm Chairs vary widely in price - but you can have your own piece of history here and now for a more than reasonable amount. A pair of arm chairs in good condition are rare - consider using these at either end of a kitchen table in your vintage industrial kitchen. Go Gather!