Friday, February 17, 2012

Ghanaian Barbershop Sign

I don't even know where to begin. This vintage 1980s/1990s sign has A LOT of rediculously relevant stuff going on. History, vibrant colors, Kid n' Play hairstyles (you can have your pick of the 'Concord,' the 'Gentle Cut,' or the 'Boeing 707') - need I go on?! I think I'd be even more intrigued as to how this sign made it from Ghana to you check it? Carry on? I must know more.


  1. i love this but do you think it's worth 145 - seems high, was thinking around 120 max.


  2. Honestly - I dont really know what this type of thing is actually 'worth.' But I'd have to agree with you and say that $145 is a bit high. I guess the real question is, how much is it worth to YOU? ;)

    Also, there's usually room for haggling on CL...