Wednesday, October 9, 2013


...I'm just selling my house. Getting our place ready for selling has literally taken up every ounce of brain power that I've I apologize.

753 Fairmont Street is on the market as of this Monday! It's been a labor of love for my boyfriend and I: he did all of the architectural design and 95% of the physical work (I swear I helped...and learned a lot!). We've worked hard on the interiors too - they came together over time after lots of hunting, gathering, and arguments over finishes. And yes, LOTS of our furniture is from CL :)

Check out the listing and images, and we are having an open house this Sunday (thanks to my amazing agent, Andrew Riguzzi at DCRE Residential...he's a STUD). Feel free to email for any info on paint colors or specific furniture and art sources. Several of the paintings are courtesy of Mr. Dino Paxinos. You can check him out over at Modern50...he's on a level that we all aspire to.

P.S. As a reward for all of our hard ass work, G and I are jetting to Italy for 2 weeks, so don't count on any posts (I swear that I'm starting back up when I get back...). BUT follow me on Instagram (@ellenevangeline) for some useless but lovely and filtered updates.


  1. This is such a beautiful house! If I ever buy one, I'm hiring your boyfriend to just do whatever he wants with it.

  2. Your house is amazing! I really love it and hope it sells well for you.
    Have fun in Italy, it's so damn lovely there. And "useless but lovely and filtered updates"? I'm in! Just followed you.

  3. Gorgeous house. I just forwarded to a friend that is looking.