Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Side Note - Who wants a kitten?

SIDE NOTE: I am an official foster parent for WARL (Washington Animal Rescue League). Happily, I recently brought home "Pop" - the sweetest most precious little kitten ever (he was stressing out in the shelter and needed more one on one attention). I would LOVE to keep him myself, but apprently being a foster parent means that you shouldn't actually keep every single animal that you bring home...! So here's a little bit about him:

"Pop" is about 3 months old, male, black (with some faint stripes underneath like a leopard, that look like they might subtely stay!). He is almost dog-like: follows you around everywhere and loves to just hang nearby, and is so playful but not aggressive at all. He is very affectionate and purrs like a little motorboat. He doesn't meow very much...I think he's not very good at it. And, he is a litterbox pro! Also, he gets along just fine with my large dog (Samson!), so don't rule him out if you already have a pup too. He really is a very special guy.

Pop will be available for adoption VERY soon through WARL. If you're interested, you can contact them, or me directly ( to come by and meet him. Pop needs a home...spread the word!

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