Monday, January 23, 2012

$75 - Retro 1950s Kitchen Table

I know, I know...all 5-10 of you who occasionally follow this blog were wondering in desperation: "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" I've been in Park City, Utah for the Sundance Film Festival, with this hot blonde. Back to business...

A very cool retro table - red formica top, curved chrome legs, and a scalloped wood apron. It also has a 12 - inch leaf to the table for expanded dining. The wood apron is very unusual and allows you to match the table with wooden chairs if you like. With the possibility of delivery (with a "small fee"), this table is a great deal for anyone's retro kitchen!

I'm such a sucker for hairpin legs on just about anything...check out this link for everything you'll need for some instant Atomic Age flare:


  1. I just bought this exact same table.... same color.... trimming, legs, everything the same... from a local online varagesale site.... for $30.00. LOVE it.

  2. This is the only other pic I have seen of this table online..... do you have the manufacturer? Any other details that I can use to further look up this table? Any help would be so greatly appreciated.... I have rarely seen wooden aprons like this one with chrome legs, and a formica top.... very unique.

  3. Do you have anymore info on this table?! I have the same one but with different legs.

  4. Hi I just picked up a table with the same legs and apron.. however the top is also wood not Formica. And your table is the only one I can seem to find! Do U know if they made two different ones? Or if this one or yours was changed?