Monday, February 27, 2012

pre-WWII Schwinn bicycle-$900

Would be great for the next tweed ride! But be prepared to put some work into this collector's item if you want to keep up with the pack.


  1. Buyer beware! Certainly not a schwinn. The frame is not like a schwinn. And Schwinns never had a front chainring with lettering. Their seat alway said Schwinn. It probably "is" pre-war but it most likely was "in" the war. And girl's bikes are worth a fraction of the value of a boy's bike. Why? There are a lot of them out there because girl's never rode them. Girl's played with dolls. It's probably worth about $50. Thanks for sharing. Still fun to look at.

  2. @Strambley: Wow, thanks for the insight! Why do you think they have it priced so high? If it were a Schwinn, would it be worth that much?

  3. They probably have it priced so high because they paid a lot for it thinking it was worth even more. He is probably trying to make a quick buck or is generally delusional about the true value. It is definitely a girl's bike, has the slanted top tube so that the rider could wear a skirt. Unfortunately, women's bikes just don't carry any value.