Wednesday, March 28, 2012

$100 - MCM Lounger

Good price...I wouldn't kick it out of bed...


  1. I'm looking for a desk chair that is just this style! Arms, and cushioned. I just don't know what terms to use when searching. Is this just called a lounger?

    By the way, I love what you're doing with this blog.
    Thrifted and hand-renovated furniture is my passion!

  2. Morgan - thanks for commenting!! I think if you're searching for a desk chair, 'lounger' wouldn't be the search-term to use. Lounger usually refers to something low and wide, and perhaps pitched back a bit - something meant more for your living room than your desk. If you don't want the typical desk chair, I might suggest looking for a dining chair style - there are lots of single chairs on the CL market right now. I'll keep an eye out!