Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Industrial Stools!

Both of these have some great industrial character. Toledo stools are always a favorite of mine - G and I have a great one at our bar. Anyone that ever took an art class in high school or college probably remembers these (and probably can't believe how much people pay for them nowadays...). Love this description from interiors blog Lilly & Rose:

"The company that designed the Toledo stool was originally a bicycle company that changed to making furniture as cars began to take over. The Toledo Metal Furniture Company’s furniture was designed to stand up to rugged conditions. These stools, designed in the early 1900s, were created with schools, industrial shops and tradespeople in mind. Their charming silhouettes and mix of bent wood and metal create a look that can go vintage industrial, mid-century modern, traditional or contemporary.

The Toledo stool is a classic piece with an industrial aesthetic that can work in just about any style of room."

$100 seems fairly accurate...here are a few from around the interwebs...
The cheapest one on Etsy is listed for $175.
Here's a similar one on eBay listed for $100...but eBay = shipping.

The other stool, though it doesn't have a back, is still super sweet and touts and cheaper price tag.

$100 - Toledo Stool:

$45 - Painter's Stool:

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