Sunday, June 17, 2012

Hunted House: New H Street Location

I think it's common knowledge by now that Hunted House, formerly located on 14th Street, has moved shop over to the bustling H Street corridor. If you had not heard this, and instead were sadly hovering around their old location wondering where the hell they went...mystery solved!

Their new space is a far cry from the former walk-up location. When we stopped in yesterday and spoke at length with Mark, one of the owners, he was pumped about the new location - but also slightly missing the old one. The 14th street location certainly had a vibe - shopping there was an adventure through several rooms stuffed with great items, and I always looked forward to Mark's friendly greeting, head popping out of the middle room as soon as your arrival was annouced by that crazy-loud door chime...

The new space is a more tradition retail setup - one big room (with more in the basement!) where everything is clearly visible at once, but themed and arranged with the same great Hunted House style. I swear, there's more inventory now too. The collection seems more well rounded and there's a depth of items that I hadn't seen in the old location.

So, if you missed the official Grand Opening yesterday (If so, I feel sorry for you - Mark offered 20% off any items over $100...), be sure to stop in to 510 H Street NE, ASAP: you won't be disappointed!

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