Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Mystery of the JL Moller Chairs #78

The seller doesn't share the price and specifies that viewings are by appointment only. I'm 99% sure these are Moller chairs (my personal dream), so don't expect a good deal...if they are a good deal, then don't be a moron - buy them!

But I am intrigued - the picture shown above looks, to me, to be the EXACT same picture as the one featured on this blog post. The intrigue is that said blog is based in Portland,, either the seller has just stolen someone's pics of someone else's gorgeous Moller chairs because they were too lazy to take their own (wtf?!), or the seller is a scammer and doesn't actually have them to begin with...? OR, maybe by some serendiptous turn of events, these chairs from Oregon have made their way to Northern, VA??

Curiouser and curiouser...

I'd be careful with this one...and if anyone finds any more details, PLEASE SHARE!

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