Wednesday, November 14, 2012

SCORE! Amber Eve's Retro Vision

WHAT THE WHAT - two reader submissions in one week?? First Christine, now Amber Eve! This is amazing.

Amber Eve sent over the below pics of her favorite finds - a few of which she found on this very site! The sofa bench, matching chair and sofa, kitchen table, coffee table and side tables were all scored from CL...well played! From Amber Eve:

"The two CL purchases of which I am most proud are my kitchen table and my matching couch and chair. My favorite part about the kitchen table is that I didn't even know it had cherry blossoms printed on it until it was delivered to my house by the seller. And my favorite part about the matching couch and chair -- other than the fact that they perfectly match my living room rug -- are that they only cost me $50. Plus, they perfectly frame my sofa bench, which I first saw on your site and got a good deal on after it had been on CL for a few weeks."

I totally remember that couch and chair - and I was so hoping that someone would have the vision to appreciate it! Sometimes that's all a good CL find needs - a little vision!

My favorite thing about this series is seeing how others incorporate such unique pieces into their homes. Christine and Amber Eve have set the bar pretty high - but keep sending me pics of your best CL finds!


  1. Wow! I actually was the one that sold that sofa and couch- I found it covered in dust in the back of a shed in Southern MD. Took a lot of hard work to clean it up. Was the CL posting put on this site? Do you have a link to it?

    1. I can't remember if I posted this - I remember seeing it on CL but not sure if it made on the blog. Great find!

    2. Ha! Well I'm the one who bought it! And now? I'm moving, so back to CL it goes. :)