Monday, January 16, 2012

$4000 - Splurge!

Craigslist isn't always for the Über budget wise. Sometimes, more often than you might think actually, a big ticket item pops up. This vintage Knoll sofa has been hanging around CL for quite sometime, and I'm curious as to where it will end up. Knoll has been a game changer in everything from graphic design, textiles, color theory, office systems, files and storage, casegoods, and OF COURSE furniture for over 70 years - and they are as relevant as ever!

$4000 isn't exactly chump change, so whoever ends up with this jewel probably truely appreciates it's iconographic status - oh, and they probably have a space (and a truck) big enough for all 10ft of it...

Looks like this guy is also on ebay - I think the pictures are a little more detailed hereNew Knoll sofas will cost way upwards of $10,000...but haven't we already established that vintage is better? Vintage is new again?

Moral of the story: this couch looks to be in perfect shape, and is a truly vintage giant of its era...someday I will own a couch like this and place it lovingly in my Julius Shulman photographed home, while wearing a smokin' hot Mad Men dress and casually sipping cocktails...

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