Thursday, February 2, 2012

$100 - Vintage John Deere Pedal Tractors!

I'm pretty sure that, if I ever have kids, they will grow to hate me because I'll be the parent who refuses to buy anything new for them (or anything that requires batteries...). They don't make toys like they used to, and they certainly don't make cast metal tractors like these!

In my family, the green and yellow of John Deere is king...our family farm in Tennessee is equipped with (among others) a Model 2030 that's still chugging along. My Grandfather (we call him 'Daddidah') bought it when my dad was a kid, and my cousins and I grew up riding on the wheel wells as my Dad bush hogged around the property - he even taught me to drive it. Good memories;)

The pedal tractors I've found here are eerily similar to the one that my Grandfather bought for my Uncle Tom in 1967 or '68 for $10 at a junk shop in Ethridge, Tennessee...Daddidah remembers Tom riding in circles in the open garage of their Huntsville, Ala. home, tongue hanging out the entire time. How about you make one of those low-tech kinds of memories for yourself? Pick up one of these options and you can do just that - and tell Fisher Price to take a hike while you're at it...

This is a great price - these tractors are highly collectible these days.

Not a John Deere tractor kind of family? Fret not - How about this sweet 40s blue plane pedal cart??

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