Friday, February 10, 2012

FREE - Large Mystery Plant

This might seem like a strange thing to post...BUT....don't fight it.

I personally think that every home needs plants...lots of plants, in fact. A home with plants is warm and inviting - not to mention the tons of mental and physical health benefits that they provide! The owner of this plant claims that it is over 30 years old and in wonderful health. Looks like you'd have to have quite a bit of room for this guy, the ad says it's 6ft wide! I'm sure there are tons of things to look for in a plant purchase, but I'm no expert, so weigh in if you know something we don't!

All in all, a large plant like this for free is a great opportunity to add some life to your space - also I can't stand the thought of this plant ending up on the side of the road...

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