Tuesday, January 24, 2012

$195 - Vintage 1950s Coca Cola Button Sign

Vintage Coca Cola signs like this one, better known as "buttons," are fairly common - what's uncommon about this 1950s one is its size. The 50" diameter makes this button, even with the amount of apparent wear (most people, like me, love the wear!), really worth the price being asked. The guys from one of my very favorite shows, American Pickers, just scored a 24" button of this same design for $175 (albeit in perfect condition)...you can do better than that right here and now, and you don't even have to venture to some condemned barn in the middle of nowhere (Greg and I would actually love to do that...)! Collectors love this stuff, and so will you - it would look great on the exposed brick of your aparment, or on a wall within your urban garden oasis.


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