Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Roundup - Church Pews!

This post is inspired by my sweet neighbor Lena. She and her husband are really just starting to decorate their amazing home and using an old church pew or bench, rather than several chairs, along one side of their dining table is an idea she recently mentioned. With a large extended family that she entertains often, lots of seating is a must for Lena. Also, her dining area is somewhat hard to distinguish - so she's thinking that something bold and stationary would help anchor the area. I've seen the 'bench-as-kitchen-seating' phenomenon a lot lately, and even wish I could pull it off myself - I think this is an amazing way to add some weight, not to mention personality to your home. And they're not just for the kitchen - check out these ideas from Apartment Therapy.

CL's church pew offerings are pretty stellar right now...

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