Monday, January 30, 2012

Off the List - Flea Market Field Trip

I spent Saturday afternoon with my lovely friend and neighbor Lena and we stopped at a great flea market located at Florida and 14th. This place is amazing and is chalk full of rare finds, colorful characters, and great food (ok, I haven't tasted it but smells inticing...) all packed into a lot that used to house a fine establishment by the name of Latino Auto Sales. It was an empty lot for far too long, and I'm glad to see it get some use!

Marty, whose business card touts "Antiques, Collectibles and Curious Items from Other Eras and Neat Old Stuff," had this 1950s RCA Listening chair. It was in immaculate shape and he informs me that it can be yours for a cool $300...I found this pair on ebay. Marty says you can find him all over, but be sure to visit him at the Gaithersburg Antique & Collectible Show - February 11-12 at the Montgomery Couty Fairgrounds. He was interesting and knowlegdeable about all of his offerings.

And what self-respecting collector/hipster/design snob doesn't love metal type...? There was a dealer who had 3 tables overflowing with the stuff. I wanted it all.

I also met Leonard (Leonard, if you're reading this and I got your name wrong...I'm so sorry! Please correct me!). He had some really unique finds and I personally scored a set of 1950s National Parks felt pennants. He also had a collection of Fire King bowls, vintage glasses, and a super sweet 1950s hand ice crusher.

Be sure to check these guys out, every Saturday at Florida & 14th. While I love Craigslist, it sometimes doesn't hold a candle to getting out in the world on a sunny weekend (with a dear friend as company!), and finding something amazing along the way;)

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