Thursday, January 26, 2012

"You hit me with your electric wheelchair so I challenge you to a duel..."

A friend recently sent me a link to this DC Craigslist Rant/Rave, but by the time I got around to clicking on the link, the ad had been 'flagged for removal.' Luckily for us, Prince of Petworth got there first and has provided the rant on his blog. I personally loathe the Columbia Heights Giant, and have nearly had a seizure every one of the few times I've dared to enter.

One of my favorite parts:
"I do not care if I miss rent next month, or my cell phone gets cut off. I will use all the money I make to make this happen in order to make things right in this already sad world. The gauntlet has been thrown."

Also, "Ben" throws out a "F*CK yo couch" reference, which is of course awesome...look it up.

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