Sunday, January 15, 2012

$300 - Pair GoodForm Arm Chairs

Ok people - let's talk GoodForm and it's cousin Emeco. If you don't know who, what, when, where, and WHY Emeco is...then you've got some epic catching up to do. Emeco Navy Chairs are the end-all be-all in many people's eyes - and I have to say that I'm right there with them. There is almost no location, at home or at work, for which an Emeco chair does not fit perfectly. Check out this video for a little look into this icon's stunning history...legend has is it that the classic Navy Chair was molded after Betty Grable's famous behind! The GoodForm line of chairs, made by the General Fireproofing Company, are right up there with Emeco for many collectors - it can often be difficult to distinguish between the two if you don't know the specifics and/or no identification remains on the chair.

GoodForm Chairs vary widely in price - but you can have your own piece of history here and now for a more than reasonable amount. A pair of arm chairs in good condition are rare - consider using these at either end of a kitchen table in your vintage industrial kitchen. Go Gather!

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