Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Best Beloved:
I was wondering what to write about, so what I did was, I thought "what is something that if I had it, I would sell it on Craigslist?" and it hit me: stuffed animals. How else would you get rid of them, especially if you lived in Washington DC?

So I entered that and found out that wasn't what I meant. It took me to Beanie Babies.

So I tried "mounted animals" and that didn't even turn up any porn.

So I tried "taxidermy"and presto! A whole list of stuffed real animals! including (wait for it, wait for it) not one but TWO stuffed armadillos for sale in the District, AND a stuffed alligator! There was even two stuffed turkeys (not butterballs) and a pheasant. The pheasant caused me to have a philosophical discussion with myself because it is photoed on a blue carpet, as if flying thru the sky, but it's not, because it's dead, so it's laying on a blue get the point, right?

OK so the deal with the armadillos is, one of them is listed for $200 and he really doesn't look all that real. Not that I've exactly made a lifelong study, but he looks inflated. Maybe he's over stuffed. But he does come on a nicely shaped plywood base. Also his mouth is hanging open, like he's got a dental issue.

Now the other one, for $50, which looks more life-like in my opinion, does not have a base. So I guess for an extra $150 bucks you get plywood.

As I was looking at the alligator I noticed that he is photoed in the same garage as the $200 armadillo. SOMEBODY has a thing for scaly animals.

ta for now kiddies,
Aunt Susan

and if you don't believe me......
taxidermy armadillo $200

taxidermy pheasant wall mount $30 - SOLD!

mounted turkey $575

Sorry, but the $50 armadillo is gone and no I didn't buy it.

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