Saturday, January 28, 2012

Roundup - Drafting Tables!

Table #1.
Table #2.

Table #3.
Table #4.

Drafting tables as a professional tool aren't as common as they once were - design firms have less room for this size furniture, and the computerization of the industry have rendered these bohemoths less practical. But the pure of heart, hands on designers out there still covet the large drawing surface and, more and more, drafting tables are becoming a nostalgic luxury.

Several drool-worthy options on Craigslist right now - let's discuss with Greg as our resident expert...

Table #1: At $200 this table would great for someone suffering from both budgetary woes and significant space folds for storage and probably oscillates as you adjust the angle of the drawing surface. Looks like it might need just a little love.

Table#2: This metal Mayline table is priced at pretty much, too much. This is the table that Greg owns. These tables are great though - light weight and easy to move, it disassembles, and has a great industrial quality. But at this price, even with the included straight edge and board cover, you could practically buy brand around a bit.

Table #3: is gorgeous. The ad touts this as being circa 1920s or earlier. Mission hardware dating it as old as 1880's. Sold by Historical Society in 1986 and owned by Colonel Simpson (WWII) at his home Bachelors Hope, a colonial estate built in 1699 in Southern Maryland. Original condition, never refinished and in working order. Kueffel & Esser Co. Size- 6 feet wide and almost 7 feet tall when fully titled. Solid Oak legs and frame with maple or chestnut top. At $9,000 this is a major investment. But it's incredibly unique and the giant drawing surface is second to none - all you need is a lot of space to accomodate. Refinish this piece and you've something worth it's weight. I want this one.

Table #4: Greg, who had almost this exact table as a kid, says this one is an excellent starter desk for a budding architect or artist. It's not as sturdy and heavy as some of the others, making it a great craft table. Worth the $$!

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